Songwriting Tips Archive

Play lots and lots of cover versions – it’s the quickest way to learn
Let your subconscious write the song
Tip: Need a melody? Can you hum?
Tip: Write so often that it becomes a habit
Tip: Learn as much as you can about the craft of songwriting
Tip: When you have a song idea write down absolutely everything related to it
Tip: Recognise that most songs are made up of repeated chord blocks
Tip: Learn your instrument
Tip: Review your song until it’s right
Tip: Play your songs to people
Ask yourself, Is there any magic in this song I’m writing?
Tip: Expect to write a huge amount of really crap songs
Tip: How to write a bridge for your song
Tip: Record your songs and listen back with a critical ear
Tip: Sing lyrics, don’t write lyrics
Tip: Record new songs on your phone
Songwriting as therapy
Tip: Re-write the words of existing songs
Tip: Create a better world in your songs
Tip: Be available to catch songs when they arrive
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