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Jim Byrne has been a musician and songwriter for over forty years. He spent his teenage years playing in punk bands and many subsequent years playing in garage bands including The Primevals (signed to the New Rose Label), Dexter Slim & The Pickups, Loris and the Bearpit Brothers (still a member). He is a restless seeker of new musical experiences and new music. As a solo artist he plays and records in the folk and Americana style.

Co-writer with other artists

As a songwriter he has written hundreds of songs for his own bands and solo projects as well as co-written with other musicians including Marti Pellow (their song, Lay with me is on Marti’s Boulevard of Life album) and Jazz singer Carol Kidd OBE (Carol played support to Frank Sinatra), Mickey Rooney of psychedelic rock band, The Primevals and poet, Paul John Mccafferty. Currently he co-writes with the members of the band the, Bearpit Brothers.

Jim has released several critically acclaimed albums and has toured America, Canada, France, Italy and the UK.

Jim is an award winner with the UK wide Grolsch Livewire competition, for his song, Breath Easy.

For the collector of unusual facts; he has met Tom Waits and he has received an award from the King of Sweden – for his work promoting and enabling equality for disabled people.

Jim Byrne Songwriter & Song Tutor

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